Tailor-made floor heating

Under Floor Heating

Speedheat means tailor-made heating, customised to your wishes and requirements. No matter what type of floor finish you select, from tiles to vinyl to concrete and everything in between, Speedheat always has the best under floor heating solution for every room in your home. For over 25 years, Speedheat has delivered fantastic tailor-made solutions for all types of flooring on top of all types of sub-floors. Speedheat under floor heating and tile heating is durable, reliable and safe, which has been proven in tests and in practice. Our expert heating advisors will inspect your home and advise on the way the total floor needs to be built up. This guarantees the best sub-floor for any flooring type and ensures compatibility with all of our under floor heating systems.

Floor Heating Under Ceramic Tiles

All flooring will benefit from Speedheat electric floor heating, and just one of our many options is our under tile heating. Many people only want to heat only part of the living room (seating area) during the evening hours. Others want to heat the entire floor. With Speedheat, your customised under tile heating system adapts to your wishes and only heats the area of your choosing. Each under tile heating system is 100% waterproof and safe, making Speedheat tile heating ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. You can easily control the temperature in each room with the innovative digital clock thermostat. Efficient, safe under tile heating anywhere in your home – speak with the experts at Speedheat today.

Floor Heating Under Natural Stone

The radiant heat turns natural stone flooring like marble and slate comfortably warm. Speedheat innovative under floor heating can be controlled in a flexible manner and will quickly take the chill out of the floor. The unique property of Speedheat is the fast warming up time and the facility to heat individual rooms. With Speedheat your natural stone floor is comfortably warm at the times that you want. In case of damage, the Speedheat installer can trace the damaged spot with a 20mm radius. The floor heating can be repaired expertly and normally you only have to replace one single tile!

Floor Heating Under Timber Floors

A timber floor is unique. The natural appearance of a wooden floor has made it popular through the ages. In addition this floor is very durable. Speedheat electric floor heating is a durable solution underneath wooden floors. Speedheat can be applied as main heating or as comfort heating. Speedheat floor heating is comfortable and safe. The heating consultant has a special tailored solution for floating wooden floors with amongst others a digital programmable thermostat with floor temperature limitation which controls the floor temperature accurately. That prevents damage to the floor though elevated temperatures.

Not all types of timber floors are compatible with floor heating. Ask your wood floor supplier for more information.

Floor Heating Under Vinyl Flooring

A vinyl floor excels in durability, a large assortment of colours and patterns and a high wear resistance. The Speedheat heating consultant offers the most durable solution for every vinyl floor. For vinyl flooring there is a special system with floor temperature limitation. The floor surface is limited to the maximum allowable temperature of 27 degrees.

The consultant also advises on the total floor construction. That way he can ensure a perfect solid smooth levelled floor. Suppliers of vinyl flooring are always very pleased with the high standards of floor finish delivered by the Speedheat installers.

Floor Heating Under Laminate

Speedheat electric floor heating heats your laminate floor fast and economically. The heating consultants will advise you on the best heating solutions and the floor build-up for your situation.

This modern solution is durable, reliable and safe. For laminate flooring there is a special system with floor temperature limitation. The floor surface is limited to the maximum allowable temperature of 27 degrees. Comfort through innovation!

Floor Heating Under Cement Finish

A poured cement floor gives your home a contemporary and modern design appearance. The screed is a good choice for a household with children, pets or people with respiratory problems like asthma. Speedheat floor heating is the best for your screed and creates a healthy environment and prevents airborne dust. The comfortable radiant heat of Speedheat heats the people in the room and not the air. Poured flooring suppliers are very satisfied with the Speedheat finish. The installer finishes the floor solid, neat and smooth.

Floor Heating Under Linoleum

Linoleum is green in the sense that it's environmentally friendly. Please take note: Although linoleum is often confused with sheet vinyl, the contents of linoleum and vinyl are very different. Vinyl flooring is made from chlorinated petrochemicals, while true linoleum is made from all natural materials like linseed oil (pressed from flax seeds), pine rosin and wood and cork flours.

Linoleum is extremely durable and has antimicrobial properties. The durability of your linoleum floor depends greatly on your sub-floor. It is important that this sub-floor is sound and smooth. The heating consultants heating the floor to a comfortable temperature and deliver a perfect sound and smooth floor finish. For this reason, users and suppliers of linoleum flooring are very satisfied with the Speedheat workmanship.

Mirror Heating

Speedheat Mirror and Bathroom Heating offers comfort and convenience. The thin self-adhesive mirror heating prevents condensation on the mirror. As soon as you switch the light on, the mirror heating turns the mirror immediately lukewarm, which prevents condensation. Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating is fully earthed, uses less energy than a lightbulb and is absolutely safe. An innovative solution for nuisance condensation. Apart from custom sizes, a number of standard sizes of mirror demisters are available as part of our bathroom heating systems.

Carpet Heating and Heated Mats

Wall to wall carpeting and loose lay carpets offer you comfort and are good insulators. Speedheat under carpet heating heats carpeted flooring and carpets comfortably and economically. The Speedheat under carpet heating system warms very fast (>20 x faster than underfloor heating) and can be controlled in each room separately. Without reducing your comfort, you reduce energy wastage by being able to turn the thermostat lower by a few degrees. With Speedheat you can use under carpet heating either as main heating or auxiliary heating. For loose lay carpets there are also plug and play carpet heating panels available.