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Expertise You Can Trust: Our seasoned professionals, who are passionate about underfloor heating installation, are well-versed in the art of creating warmth in your home. With years of experience, they ensure precise placement, proper wiring, and seamless integration, delivering the ideal comfort solution for your home.

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For those who prefer a hands-on approach, uur supply-only brand designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind. Speedheat offers you high-quality underfloor heating products that you can install at your own pace. Our user-friendly kits come complete with everything you need to achieve efficient and comfortable heating in your space.

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Pieter Jansens and Paul de Pont found that conventional underfloor heating systems were an inefficient use of energy. These systems are slow and should, therefore, be left switched on during the whole day in order to provide heat at the times that it is required.

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Speedheat team with Pieter Jansens

The two Dutch engineers considered these conventional systems antiquated and in 1986 they developed an electric underfloor heating system in South Africa that heats up very quickly and that could be seamlessly adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the user.

They founded the company Klimax Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. which manufactures the very thin and flexible heating element which subsequently was certified by various international bodies. Through an exclusive Speedheat network of franchisees, the two entrepreneurs brought the innovative and sustainable heating concept in South Africa on the market.

Since the heating concept in South Africa was immediately a huge success, Speedheat decided to conquer the international market with it’s proven and tested approach. Speedheat International currently operates in South Africa, Australia, the USA, the UK, as well as the Netherlands. In addition, there are heating consultants in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Canada.

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