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Warm Feet, Happy Family With Our Underfloor Heated Bathroom Floors

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a warm shower or bath and into the comfort of a well-heated bathroom. Our bathroom underfloor heating will make getting out of bed on a cold morning that much easier. Your warm feet will thank you!

A well-heated bathroom dries out quickly after use and if you live in a particularly cold area can prevent your pipes from freezing over.

Speedheat offers the most comfortable heating solutions for your bathroom. While there are many solutions to keeping your bathroom warm, one that is cost-effective, safe and sure to add immeasurable value to your home is underfloor heating.


Radiant Heat – The Efficient Way to Warm Your Bathroom

Our bathroom underfloor heating is durable, environmentally friendly and extremely cost-efficient.

Speedheat electric underfloor bathroom heating keeps your bathroom warm from the ground up. Insulating the foundations of your home, our radiant heating system is 100% safe with no risk of burning, keeping the floor at a comfortable temperature.

Radiant heat warms the lower half of the room, surrounding the occupants with warmth and achieving that warm feeling at an overall lower temperature than a conventional heating system.

A typical bathroom fan heater blows warm out any cracks or gaps in the door or walls, wasting heat and energy. Underfloor heating does not blow air around, so much less heat can escape.


With Speedheat’s quality installation, bathroom heating is maintenance-free, providing years of comfort and warmth to your home.
Providing innovative solutions for every bathroom, we can even heat the mirror to prevent condensation. Annoying condensation on the bathroom mirror becomes something of the past.

Keep your feet warm this winter with an effective and efficient bathroom heating solution. Request a quote, brochure or call us directly on 9041 2852 today.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating FAQS

Underfloor heating in the bathroom is worth considering if you want a nice warm floor in the bathroom which can be time controlled to heat up prior to you entering. Underfloor heating in the bathroom is surprisingly cheaper to run than most other heating systems as well heating up the room quicker than other products.
Bathroom under floor heating is relatively cheap to run. An average size bathroom of 4 sq./m will cost approximately 14c per hour to run.
Underfloor heating systems are safe in a bathroom. In order to ensure they are safe, underfloor heating systems need to be installed by a qualified electrician and protected by a safety switch (government mandated). Underfloor heating is not only safe for your bathroom, it is the ideal modern luxury in any home or office.

We install and manage underfloor heating in bathrooms across a variety of types including tiles, concrete and floorboards. From our experience the most popular choice in bathroom is tiles.
In order to install bathroom underfloor heating, heaters are stuck to a slab or cement sheet after waterproofing is complete and as close to the tiling as possible. Our heaters sit within the tile glue to give you an environmentally friendly and safe warm bathroom!

Underfloor heating has been engineered to be safe in all environments. The product has been created so that even if there was a fault, the elements are designed to melt before ignition occurs meaning they would not catch fire. Importantly underfloor heating systems need to be installed by a qualified electrician.
Underfloor heating does dry the air to a minor degree. If dry air is of a concern you can add an air purifier to your room to offset any dryness.
Prices for bathroom installation for underfloor heating systems start at $200.00 for supply only. Supply and installation underfloor heating systems for your bathroom starts from $500.00. An example of a bathroom is to supply a heating kit for 4 sq./m will cost $395.00 inc. GST
The most likely things to go wrong with bathroom underfloor heating is that it can be damaged when laying or replacing tiles, or drilling into tiles for doorstops etc.
Our thermostats allow you to program the heating to switch on and off as needed. You can have your system on whilst using the shower but we recommend time setting it to come on 15 minutes before you get up so your bathroom is nice and toasty!

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What We Offer

Floor Heating Under Ceramic Tiles

With Speedheat, your customized heating solution can be installed to suit your requirements. It only heats the areas you choose to heat.

Each under tile heating system is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for your bathroom. You control the temperature with the innovative and user friendly digital clock thermostat.

Mirror Heating

Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating offers comfort and convenience. The thin self-adhesive prevents condensation on your mirror.

Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating is fully earthed. It uses less energy than a light bulb and is safe. In addition to custom sizes, a number of pre-built sizes of mirror demisters are available.