speedheat underfloor heating


Installation and Setup

Absolutely! Speedheat can be installed on existing smooth, flat floors when you change your floor coverings. Speedheat only requires an additional build-up height of approximately 2 mm, which is in almost all cases available.
It is less than 1.5 mm in diameter. Thanks to the thin element, the Speedheat heating system can be installed quickly and it does not impact the height of your floors.
Yes, it is very well possible and is done often. The big advantage with Speedheat is that you can control the temperature in each room separately.
Yes, each room can be controlled separately. A programmable thermostat offers you the possibility to heat various rooms quickly and independent from each other.
Yes, the little build-up height is particularly practical when you decide to install only in certain rooms.
Return it to us, and we'll reimburse you $40! Please include the job address and your account details when sending it back via post. Thank you!

Operation and Efficiency

Not at all, our heaters run directly under the floor cover and the temperature is controlled by a programmable thermostat.

The required power depends on many factors such as the degree of the insulation of the room(s) and the available floor surface area.
Tile output: 160W/m2(bathrooms, wet areas) or 130W/m2 (living areas)
Carpet output: 120W/m2

There are two types of solar panels, for the heating of water and for the generation of electricity.
Speedheat is only compatible with solar panels that generate electricity.
No, it does not need any ongoing maintenance or servicing.

Safety and Reliability

Yes. It does not create any emissions and since electricity can be generated in a green way, it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your home.
Yes, Speedheat complies with all strict safety standards, there are no exposed elements. However, it is essential to follow manufacturer instructions and have a professional electrician install the system to ensure safety.
Electric underfloor heating systems radiate heat from the floor upward, providing a comfortable and even distribution of warmth across the room. The heat rises gently, creating a cosy environment from the ground up.

Air convection heating systems work by heating the air within a room and circulating it using fans or natural convection. Warm air is pushed out from the heating source, rises to the ceiling, then gradually descends as it cools, creating a cyclical circulation of heated air.
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