Speedheat Underfloor Heating Solutions Melbourne

Durable Solution

Speedheat is controlled separately per room and can be installed with insulation underneath.

Speedheat lasts as long as your house. If that’s not durable!

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What We Offer

Energy Saving

Speedheat underfloor heating systems allows you to heat every room separately.

When connected to the thermostat, an innovative patented heating element (which is thin and flexible) heats up your floor quickly. You do not need to heat the whole slab, meaning Speedheat’s underfloor heating systems are faster than older floor heating systems.

Faster And
Smarter Heating

Our innovative floor heating delivers warmth smarter and faster. Our thin and flexible heating element is available in different power ratings per m².

As Speedheat is applied directly to the top of the floor, this eliminates having to heat up the entire slab. You immediately experience the comfortable radiant heat. The combination of the Digital Clock Thermostat and fast heating times ensure all rooms in the house can be controlled independently.