The thermostat is an important part of your Speedheat electric floor heating.

The thermostat is jointly responsible for the improvement of your comfort of living and the reduction in energy consumption. With Speedheat every room can be independently controlled with a programmable thermostat perfect for a heated concrete floor. The innovative Speedheat thermostat: Saves energy, is simple to program, has 6 time periods per day, and displays your energy usage. Speedheat has a number of high quality thermostat in their range. Your Speedheat consultant will be happy to advise you on the best thermostat for your situation.

What We Offer

MCD5 -1999-SH

“All-in-one” clock thermostat for electric underfloor heating creates optimal comfort temperature and the lowest possible energy consumption.

Thermostat control
Electronic thermostat for temperature control via a sensor placed either externally in the floor or built into the thermostat.

Built-in clock/calendar with battery backup
Includes 4- and 6-event program for automatic comfort and setback temperature. Up to 7 different program combinations can be created,
where a program consists of working day and home days.

Colour display
Unique user interface with new menus and touchbased

Manual: MCD5-Speedheat-GB.pdf

OJ Microline®

An “all-in-one” clock thermostat for electric underfl oor heating control
where optimum comfort temperature and minimum energy consumption are required.

  • The thinnest clock thermostat on the market, only 20 mm, making it easy for the installer.
  • Easy animated menu navigation and programming in 8 different languages. The programming is now child’s play, ensuring the fastest and easiest setup.
  • Set and forget! Adaptive control ensuring comfort temperature at the
    required time.
  • Compatible with existing floor sensors, making it the best thermostat for renovation purposes.

Manual: MCD4 Manual.pdf

OJ Microline®

MICROLINE electronic thermostat for installation in standard wall box. The thermostat allows the required temperature to be set within the range 0-40°C. An LED indicates whether heating is active.

The thermostat is suitable for ELKO and NORWESCO systems S-16, RS-16 and UNI-10.

Manual: MTC2 -MTD2.pdf