Quick Guide To In-Floor Heating in Melbourne

Posted on: January 13, 2022 4:35 am
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Quick Guide To In-Floor Heating in Melbourne

What does underfloor electric heating do?

The main objective of underfloor heating is to create heat energy using purpose-built technology from underneath the floor. Most people are familiar with the more commonly installed central heating systems in ceilings or split system heating and cooling units, all visible from within the rooms. Underfloor electric heating creates comfortable and consistent warmth from the ground up to make your home feel toasty.

floor heating

When installed, underfloor electric heating may be the sole source of heating in the home or can be used to just take the chill off the floor. This technology is perfect for new home builds, renovations or with carpet can be retrofitted with a long-term view on energy efficiency.

There are a few different ways of achieving underfloor electric heating:

What types of electric underfloor heating are there?

There are three types of underfloor heating options.

Thin cable mats (In-glue) floor heating

In-glue electric floor heating involves placing the heat elements higher or closer to the floor finish than in-slab or in-screed options. The heating cables are laid directly onto the slab or cement sheet, and then the tiles or floor covering is laid directly on top. With Australian advancements, in-glue floor heating has become the energy-efficient choice for multiple reasons.

In-screed floor heating

With in-screed floor heating, the heat elements are placed on top of the concrete slab, followed by a layer of screed which is blended sand and cement, applied on top of the cables to keep it protected from the final floor covering layer. This screed creates a firm and smooth surface to place tiles or floorboards onto and becomes a middle layer with the heat elements inside.

In-slab floor heating

This style of floor heating was originally designed in Europe. In-slab floor heating involves installing the heating elements within the cement slab, This heating system is great if you are planning to go with a polished concrete floor. In-slab heating is the perfect solution for very cold floor finishes and often can be used just to take the chill off the floor.

How does underfloor electric heating work?

Since underfloor heating became more and more popular in Australia, modifications to older technologies have changed how underfloor heating works.

In Australia, our climates fluctuate dramatically and even during winter months, we often see warm days or weeks, unlike European winters where the cold temperatures stay low for months. Inconsistent weather means that the slow release or stored heat technology of in-slab or in-screed heating is not ideal. In Melbourne and Australia in general, in-floor heating needs to be more ‘on demand’ and even more ‘zoned’ than in Europe.

individual room climate control
Underfloor Electric Heating

New-age underfloor heating such as Speedheat specifically caters to Australian conditions. It generates well-spread floor heating immediately, for short periods as required and can be controlled on a room by room basis. This allows for significant cost savings and, of course, energy savings. Rather than relying on stored energy, the Speedheat in-glue floor heating takes advantage of natural rising heat and only needs to be activated as needed so that much less power is consumed over the lifetime of the heating system.

Underfloor heating benefits

Even comfort in the room or home

Unlike split system heating or central heating, there are no hot spots or cold spots in the room with underfloor heating. It’s a beautifully gentle heat with no drafts or vents blowing hot air.  

Energy efficiency

Underfloor heating uses the natural rising heat science to distribute the heat throughout the area. Compared with other heating units, there is an enormous cost and energy saving over the lifetime of the technology. Underfloor heating is controlled on a room by room basis. This allows you to heat the areas you need, when you need them, rather than heating the whole house at once. This makes for a much more cost effective way to heat the home.

Better air quality

Homes with underfloor heating feel different. This is because the air doesn’t dry out with pumped vented heat from ceiling. vents. Best of all is there is no dust or fumes. Great for those who suffer from allergies.

Whisper quiet

There is no noise associated withunderfloor heating-beautiful, silent reliable warmth when you need it.

Easy installation in new homes, renovated homes or retrofitted

Every new or renovated home can enjoy the luxury and benefits of underfloor heating. No matter what floor finish you plan to put down; carpet, tiles, cement floors, laminate, timber floors or otherwise, in-glue we have a heating system that can be seamlessly installed. Carpet heating is the only system that can easily be retrofitted to an existing floor.

Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating cost in Melbourne

Of course, price for underfloor heating is a top consideration for most homeowners. The good news is that Speedheat floor heating covers its own installation cost in a matter of years thanks to the cheap running costs compared to central or split system heating.

Depending on the number of rooms, bathrooms or living zones you wish to install floor heating in, prices will vary. State-of-the-art Speedheat floor heating can cost as little as $800 in an ensuite or family bathroom including a touch thermostat control. If you have a floor plan on hand, the experts at Speedheat can provide a cost estimate with recommendations.

When you buy quality underfloor heating technology installed by experts, you will enjoy extended warranties and the ongoing reliable pleasure of warmth.


Whilst there is a lot to learn about the origins and benefits of underfloor heating, the main takeout for anyone considering this step is that it is the most luxurious, energy-efficient, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing heating solution on the market.

Take the next step and speak to a floor heating pro today.

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