Living Tomorrow

A Meeting Place for Innovation

Living Tomorrow is a meeting place for innovative enterprises where visitors are being introduced to products and services that will affect the quality of our homes, and that can improve our lifestyle in the near future.

Using water and energy sparingly plays an ever more important role in the future. Living Tomorrow is a strategic research organization looking for innovative products, services and ideas to present in ‘The home of the Future’.

Home of the future

The most innovative ideas and products that contribute to living and working in the future are shown at the prestigious project Living Tomorrow 3 (near Brussels). In this complex, sustainable, social, economic and technological developments can be seen, translated in realistic and recognisable applications. Speedheat electric underfloor heating is one of the seventy products being presented in the ‘Home of the Future’


Innovative Speedheat floor heating is the new standard for the way homes and offices can be heated in a healthy, safe and sustainable manner. The advanced heating system uses electricity in a new more efficient manner, in which the heating is optimally integrated in the environment.


Living Tomorrow supports innovative ideas that amongst others promote durability. Natural resources are scarce. This development forces us to think about sustainable solutions. At the same time, our living and working conditions are changing e.g. by working flexi-time or working from home. The initiators of this home of the future consciously chose for Speedheat electric floor heating. Electricity happens to be a durable and relative economical source of energy. Electricity can easily be generated in a sustainable manner and the efficiency is almost 100% because all electric energy is being converted into heat. The big advantage of Speedheat floor heating is the ability to adapt the specific power (W/m²) to the requirement and that it gets installed on top of the finished floor, directly underneath the floor covering. The fast response time and the facility to control areas independently make Speedheat unique. You only heat the rooms that are in use at that moment. That ensures that energy losses are limited. The net efficiency of Speedheat in the bathroom is e.g. +/- 85%.

Tailored comfort

Speedheat floor heating delivers floor heating which is fully tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer for over 25 years. Speedheat can be applied everywhere and is installed hassle free! The heating system is installed directly underneath the floor surface and offers a lot of advantages in use.


Speedheat is a high quality floor heating fully tailored to the wishes and requirements of the customer. For more than 25 years Speedheat means quality through it’s professional solutions, tailor-made advise and excellent customer support. Speedheat electric floor heating has a long expected life and is future-proof. This is the reason why the ‘Home of the Future’ in Brussels is fitted with Speedheat floor heating. Living Tomorrow indicates that they are proud to be allowed to represent Speedheat.

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A Meeting Place for Innovation