Speedheat underfloor heating

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Central to underfloor heating systems are electric cables strategically installed beneath the floor surface.
These cables, arranged in a serpentine pattern, evenly distribute warmth throughout the room.

Heat rises due to the natural process of convection, where warmer air expands and becomes less dense, causing it to rise while cooler air sinks. This principle plays a significant role in underfloor heating systems, where heat generated beneath the floor surface gradually rises upward, enveloping the room in warmth.


  • Its discreet design includes internal and external insulating sheaths that withstand heat and high voltage. The fluoropolymer insulation is fully waterproof and corrosion resistant.
  • All Speedheat heating elements have a full earth screen for electrical safety as per IEC standards.
  • Earth shields play a crucial role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of underfloor heating systems. These shields consist of an insulating material, such as aluminium or copper, wrapped around the heating cables.
  • By providing an additional layer of protection, earth shields help prevent electromagnetic interference and ensure the integrity of the heating elements. This shielding technology minimises the risk of electrical faults and improves the overall performance of the system

The heating cables in underfloor heating systems are engineered with a specific resistance designed to generate and regulate heat effectively. This resistance ensures optimal performance, allowing the cables to efficiently convert electrical energy into radiant heat. By carefully controlling the resistance of the cables, underfloor heating systems can maintain precise temperature levels, providing consistent and comfortable warmth across the floor surface


Radiant heat transfer occurs when heat energy is emitted from a warm surface and absorbed by cooler objects and surfaces in its path. In the context of underfloor heating, electric cables installed beneath the floor surface act as the heat source. These elements emit radiant heat evenly across the floor, creating a gentle and consistent warmth that rises upward.

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