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Suitable for installation under fitted carpets, Speedheat laminated panel heaters are one of the more efficient forms of electric underfloor heating. All floor heating systems can be retro fitted under existing carpets or installed under new carpets.

Speedheat carpet floor heating systems are sandwiched between a woven PP layer and a high quality metalized PET film carrier. The bottom layer of our electric underfloor heating system is designed specifically for downward heat flow reduction and even heat distribution. The top layer is designed specifically to promote radiation, which means your carpet is heated evenly and effectively without hot spots or overheating. Most traditional systems pump hot air through ducts near the ceiling, whereas our electric floor heating solutions work from the ground up, creating a consistent heat. Another fantastic electric floor heating system we offer is under tile heating.

Speedheat carpet heaters are installed on top of the underlay and directly underneath the floor finish therefore making them perfect for new floor applications or can perfectly be retro fitted under existing carpet. Electric floor heating has never been this easy. You can now browse our selection of floor heating systems to find the right one for your home, and for further information on the electric underfloor heating we provide simply contact Speedheat today.

Product Q&A

No. Our carpet heaters can easily be retrofitted underneath existing carpeted floors. The process involves pulling back the original carpet, installing the heating system, and then re-installing the carpet with the heater situated between the carpet underlay and the carpet itself.
Yes. Speedheat carpet heaters are sandwiched between a high quality metalized PET film carrier and a woven PP layer. The bottom layer is specially designed for even heat distribution and downward heat flow reduction. The top layer is specially designed to promote radiation, resulting in your carpets being heated evenly and effectively without overheating or hot spots. Our heaters also have to be connected to an RCD protected circuit and therefore will short out before catching fire.
The only thing you will feel is a toasty and warm floor. Our carpet heaters are only 1.5mm thick and therefore can not be felt underneath the carpet.
We usually say to allow up to an hour to get to the desired temperature but having said that, you will start to feel the warmth to the touch about 10-15minutes after the heating switches on. In most cases, within 20-40minutes, your room should already be at a very comfortable temperature. Carpet thickness and roomy type will also affect the heat up time.
Speedheat Underfloor heating systems are connected to programmable thermostats. Allowing you to ‘set and forget’. You can program the heating to switch on and off throughout the day and therefore only being on when you need it rather than all the time.
Installing heated tiles systems requires a qualified electrician to ensure it adheres to Australian law and is setup safely. We have a number of qualified electricians on hand who are experts in underfloor carpet heating installations.
Yes. It is completely safe to get your carpets steam cleaned. We do not recommend using your underfloor heating to dry the carpets after. You should wait until the floor dry naturally before using.


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