Tile Heaters- 130 Watts/sqm- living areas | DIY Kit



Engineered to provide optimal warmth in larger living areas and expansive spaces, our 130-Watt heater combines innovative technology with energy efficiency for a superior heating experience.

Key Features:

Efficient Heating:
The 130-Watt output ensures even and consistent heating throughout larger spaces, making it an ideal choice for living rooms, open-plan areas, and more.Versatile

Tailored to meet the demands of various environments, our 130-Watt heater is versatile enough to serve as a primary heating source in spacious living areas.Energy-Efficient

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this underfloor heater not only provides optimal warmth but also contributes to cost-effective and sustainable heating solutions.

Easy Installation:
Our 130-Watt heater is engineered for straightforward installation, making it an excellent choice for both new constructions and renovations. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free setup process.


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