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The RugBuddy is like an electric blanket for your floor. This innovative heating system turns rug areas into “invisible” space heaters.

The RugBuddy is the attractive solution for warming cold spots in any room of the home or office. You simply place the heating mat under your rug and plug it in.

  • Portable on demand heating right at your feet
  • Safe – waterproof, no risk of burning, no toxic fumes
  • Energy efficient – the largest RugBuddy costs less than seven light bulbs to run
  • Easy setup
  • Individually RCD Protected

*Please note: underlay NOT included in package

Product Q&A

Yes. You can put a rug heater on top of any floor finish. We recommend putting a piece of carpet underlay underneath the rug heater to prevent any damage to the flooring underneath.
Yes. You can place furniture on top of the rug heater. We do not recommend using any insulating materials (thick blankets, mattresses, bean bags etc)
It should take about 15minutes to warm up
Depending on the size of the room to heater ratio, will depend on how effective it is in heating the whole room. We design on about 80w per square meter to heat a room. If your rug allows for a big enough heater to cover the required wattage, then it will heat the room up. If not, it will just provide some warmth where the heater is positioned.
No. Rug heaters just plug in and switch on. You cannot set the temperature or program it to switch on and off unless you buy a timer switch.
No maintenance is required



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