Touchscreen Thermostat


Tailored Temperature Control: Enjoy personalized comfort spewith the Touchscreen Thermostat that allows you to program and adjust heating schedules according to your preferences, ensuring your rooms are warm exactly when you need them to be.

Efficient Energy Usage:
The Thermostat comes with an adaptive function that learns your heating patterns and adjusts the temperature in advance, optimizing energy usage while maintaining a cozy environment.

Easy Installation and Setup: The Touchscreen Thermostat offers user-friendly setup, guiding you through initial configurations step-by-step. Its touch screen display and clear icons make it intuitive to operate.

Energy Tariff Optimization: Keep track of energy costs and set price per kWh directly from the thermostat or app, allowing you to manage your energy expenses effectively and make informed decisions.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage: 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Output Relay: 16A SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw), maximum load of 3600W

Switching Differential: 0.4°C

Built-in Switch: 16A 2 Pole

Temperature Range: 0°C to +50°C

Clock Function: Programmable with up to 7 different combinations

Display: Color Touch Screen

Housing: IP21 (protection against solid objects greater than 12.5mm and vertically dripping water)

Dimensions: 144mm x 84mm x 40mm



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