The running cost of underfloor heating is a very common question. There are several factors that can impact the cost of heating a room or your home. They include how well insulated the home is, how many windows there are, the aspect of the house or the room being heated. It can even be what floor substrate is used or ceiling height.


Select your room size
Suitable heater type Running cost / 500 hours
Underfloor Heating $20.00
Small gas (1.5kW) $53.13
Portable electric heater (2.4kW) $78.13
Small reverse-cycle air con (3.5kW) $28.46

Running costs based on electricity price 30c/kWh and gas price 3c/MJ. Click here to find out more.

Underfloor heating is one of most efficient forms of heating because you are heating from the lowest part of the house first and as hot air rises it heats as it lifts through the room and the feeling of warmth grows.

See our blogs for more details on running costs.

Assumptions and Disclaimer

Due to there being so many variables in ability to calculate cost to run heating our calculator has a number of assumptions built into it. It is therefore a guide and may not match exactly to your home or circumstances.

  • 160W/m Heater installed to optimise heating of room and is at approximately 80% coverage of heater to floor area.
  • The heater is set at floor temperature with programmed times of 6 hours per day.
  • Heaters run at full capacity for the first hour and then run on a 30% duty cycle to maintain programmed temperature – specific heater output is provided in your quote to enable you to calculate approximate cost for your home.

This information is a guide only and does not imply any warranty or guarantee of energy usage, consumption and/or electricity costs.

A floor heating system warms the room from the floor upwards. Speedheats’ unique underfloor heating system range is installed on top of your flooring and below you floor covering with minimal thickness to give you a comfortable and radiant heat within 15 minutes of switching on the system! When controlled by a sophisticated thermostat like that of Speedheat, you can heat a room any time you want and only in the rooms you want it.
We design our heating floor systems between 80 and 100 watts per square meter. An average size bathroom of say 4 sqm will cost approximately 14c per hour to run. The cost to run will vary depending on size of the heater used and your electricity prices, however overall they are very cost efficient.
Our supply kits start from just $200.00 inc. GST. Our supply and installation starts from $500.00 inc. GST.
Heated floors don’t use a lot of electricity contrary to popular belief. Our heated floor systems use 80 watts per sq/m for the first hour and then once the heater has reached a set temperature the thermostat should go on to a 33% duty cycle. This will ensure to keep the heat constant but not blow out your budget.
Heated floors last a very long time. The heating system provided by Speedheat should last for the lifetime of the floors.
The main advantages of underfloor heating include; using much less energy than most conventional heating systems, significantly less dust, no noise or fumes. Underfloor heating is also a very gentle heat that is environmentally friendly. It warms from the ground up, which means more efficient heating coverage of the room.
The main disadvantages of under floor heating come with the installation process. Unlike other forms of heating you are required to install it before your floor coverings so you have to be undertaking a renovation or put it in your building plan. It can be damaged when replacing tiles or drilling into tiles for doorstops. If you are planning on retrofitting underfloor heating then you will need to pull up your existing floors or tiles to install them.
Underfloor heating system are in fact one of the best forms of heating for your health as there are no dust or fumes. Underfloor heating systems are the ideal choice for people with allergies including dust.
Floor heating systems work utilising electric elements that are installed directly under the finished floor surface. Our sophisticated thermostats then control- the heating to give you a nice warm heat throughout the designated areas.
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