Speedheat underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating Installation

1. Gather Tools and Materials:

·Heater element ·Self-adhesive mesh ·Floor Probe ·Installation monitor

2. Plan layout

Ensure the floor surface is clean and even.

If installing in a bathroom/wet area ensure that the waterproofing is completely dry. Mark heater layout on floor with chalk/pencil ensuring you leave enough heating to get back to the start spot.

Speedheat Underfloor heating installation guide

3. Install the Underfloor Heating System

Starting from the floor beneath the thermostat location, unroll the heater until you reach the end of your first run. When you reach it, rip the tape and turn the heater to its new position.

Pull the wax paper backing off the tape, keeping it straight, stick it to the floor. Do the same with the tape on the other side of the heater, ensuring that the element is staight and under slight tension. Install floor probe for thermostat between elements or 25 mm from single tail.

4. Lay the mesh

Lay the green mesh, sticky side down, over the heater. Cut the mesh as necessary to cover the entire heating element.

5. After installation

Each heater needs its own KlimaGuard installation monitor and cannot be reused on different heaters.

The monitor must remain connected until tiling and grouting is complete. This is to ensure that you are alerted should any damage to the element occur during the tiling and grouting process.

Element wires should NEVER cross.
Try maintain a gap between elements of approximately 50mm otherwise the floor will not be evenly heated or possible hot spots can occur. Stay at least 100 mm off the walls and cabinets.
Take care not to cut the red heating element.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of multiple under tile heaters in a large living area

What We Offer

About the choices of heater

Under tile

Tiles are generally a good conductor of heat, under tile heating is one of the quickest ways to heat a room.

Speedheat underfloor heating carpet

Under carpet

With no dust, fumes or noise, this solution is fast becoming a very popular one.

Speedheat underfloor heating floor boards

Under floor board

Just because you choose floorboards does not mean that you have to miss out on underfloor heating.

Under decorative screed

It is the perfect choice for a household with children, pets or those who simply want a sleek finish.

Speedheat mcd5 thermostat


An integrated thermostat can be scheduled to activate your heating at set times throughout the week.

Other heating solutions

From Mirror Demisters ending bathroom mirror condensation, to portable Mat Heaters, and innovative Rug Buddy Heaters.

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