Under Floor Heating Applications Melbourne

Under Floor Heating Applications

High-quality underfloor heating system for your home, Speedheat floor heating offer modern, stylish solutions.

The innovative nature of the underfloor heating systems at Speedheat is evident from the product properties, such as the thin and flexible heating element, that can be applied in just about every office, living room, kitchen, heated bathroom floor or conservatory.

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What We Offer

Electric Floor Heating
in the Living Room

100% safe and controllable from every room, Speedheat heated flooring guarantees a high quality, tailor made floor heating solution in your home.

With numerous configurations available, from main heating or as auxiliary or comfort heating, the superior heated flooring from Speedheat is tailored to your wishes and living patterns, offering you comfort in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. The innovative digital clock thermostat ensures that any room within your home is only heated at the times you want. From poured flooring to vinyl, laminate, parquet, natural stone, or even pebble flooring, Speedheat heated flooring may be applied under all types of existing floor coverings. Our professional heating consultants have a tailored under floor heating solution for your home – enquire today.

Electric Floor Heating
In Bathrooms

Speedheat offers the most comfortable heating solutions for bathrooms. Comfortable radiant heat ensures optimal relaxation, and that’s exactly what we provide with our underfloor heating Melbourne wide service.

The Speedheat thin and flexible heating element lies against the tiled floor and can be installed around a bath or vanity, and you experience directly the glorious, radiant heat. Speedheat delivers 100% safe and reliable heating solutions for large and smaller bathrooms. Speedheat provides innovative solutions for every bathroom. Speedheat can even heat the mirror to prevent condensation. Annoying condensation on the bathroom mirror becomes something of the past. Contact our underfloor heating Melbourne installation team today.

Electric Floor Heating
In The Kitchen

Speedheat innovative floor heating offers you comfort in your kitchen. The unique properties of Speedheat are the quick warming up and the facility to heat small areas separately from each other.

Speedheat is the most economical heating for your kitchen, and we know that our floor heating Melbourne installers will help reduce your power bills. If you want to heat the entire kitchen, just around the cooking island or only the floor in front of the work-top, the Speedheat consultant has a tailor-made solution for you. The Speedheat radiant warmth off the floor offers a healthy living climate that just cannot be compared with conventional heating. Speak with our floor heating Melbourne team today.

Electric Floor Heating
In Conservatories

Speedheat means tailor-made heating! Also, for conservatories that are difficult to heat, Speedheat offers the best heating solution.

The intelligent thermostat ensures that your conservatory is comfortably warm at the times you want that. The heating consultant always calculates the power required to heat your conservatory. Your conservatory is guaranteed to be warm. Contact Speedheat today for tailored under tile heating.

Electric Floor Heating
In The Office

Speedheat innovative floor heating can be controlled for each room separately, with the digital clock thermostat ensuring that your office areas are only heated at times that you want them to be comfortable.

This way each office is only warm when it is in use. This is not only comfortable, but also economical by way of energy consumption. From the study at home up to a large office complex, Speedheat always has a tailor-made solution.

Under Floor Heating Applications Melbourne