Underfloor Heating Tiles

Speedheat installs tailor-made heating customized to suit your requirements.
Thin wires are placed on top of the concrete slab and below your tiles. Radiant heat is transferred directly into the tiles which warms the room. Because a large surface area is being warmed, and tiles are generally a good conductor of heat, under tile heating is one of the quickest ways to heat a room.

Under tile heating is popular in bathrooms of all sizes, because it takes the chill off and makes the tiles nice and cosy to walk on.

For over 25 years, Speedheat has installed several tailor-made solutions for all types of flooring. Our products are durable, reliable and safe; which has been proved through extensive testing and installation.

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What We Offer

Floor Heating
Under Ceramic Tiles

With Speedheat, your customized heating solution can be installed to suit your requirements. It only heats the areas you choose to heat.

Each under tile heating system is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for wet areas such as heated bathroom floors and kitchens. You control the temperature in each room with the innovative and user friendly digital clock thermostat.

Floor Heating
Under Natural Stone

Radiant underfloor heating quickly turns natural stone flooring (such as marble and slate) from cold to comfortably warm.

A unique property of Speedheat is the ability to warm up fast and facilities to heat individual rooms. Your natural stone floor is comfortable warm at any time you choose.

Floor Heating
Under Timber Floors

Because of its durability and natural appearance, wooden flooring is a popular choice.

Speedheat can be used as a main or comfort heating source. For floating wooden floors we offer a tailored situation using a programmable thermostat with floor temperature limitation; eliminating the risk of floor damage.

Not all types of Timber Flooring are compatible with Speedheat. This floor surface allows for a maximum temperature of 27 degrees. Ask your wood floor supplier for further information on flooring allowed.

Floor Heating
Under Laminate

Speedheat electric floor heating quickly and economically heats up your laminated floor. Our heating consultants will advise you of the best heating solutions and floor build-up to suit your needs.

For laminate flooring we offer a tailored situation using a programmable thermostat with floor temperature limitation;   eliminating the risk of floor damage. This floor surface allows for a maximum temperature of 27 degrees, creating comfort through innovation.

Floor Heating
Under Cement Finish

A poured cement floor gives your home a contemporary and modern design appearance. It is the perfect choice for a household with children, pets or those with respiratory problems.

Creating a healthy environment and preventing airborne dust, Speedheat is a great choice for your cement flooring. Poured flooring suppliers are able to finish off the flooring neat and smooth due to the minimal thickness of our products.

Mirror Heating

Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating offers comfort and convenience. The thin self-adhesive prevents condensation on your mirror.

Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating is fully earthed. It uses less energy than a light bulb and is safe. In addition to custom sizes, a number of pre-built sizes of mirror demisters are available.

Carpet Heating
and Heated Mats

Wall to wall and loose lay carpets offer comfort and insulation. Our under carpet heating is able to heat all types of carpets economically while also creating comfort.

Warming up quickly (approx. >20x faster than under floor heating), you are able to use Speedheat as a main or auxiliary source of heating. It can be controlled separately in each room. There are also plug and play options available for loose leaf carpet.

Under tile heating is perfect for the bathroom, contact SpeedHeat today about installing under tile heating in your home.

Under Tile Heating Melbourne – SpeedHeat

Under Tile Heating Melbourne – SpeedHeat


We Have Bathroom Heating & Under Carpet Heating At Speedheat!

At Speedheat, we’re proud to have developed a heating solution perfect for the entire home. From under tile heating in the bathroom, to under carpet heating in the living room, our innovative, tailored floor heating systems are perfectly safe and durable for any room. Do you want to take the chill off the tiles during winter but are unsure about the safety of under tile heating? Our tile heating systems are 100% waterproof, making them perfectly safe and the ideal choice for installation in the bathroom or kitchen.

More than just offering bathroom heating solutions in the form of under tile heating, however, Speedheat’s innovative product can be seamlessly installed under all flooring surfaces. From marble and stone to timber and vinyl, all flooring will benefit from Speedheat underfloor heating tiles.

For further information regarding our bathroom underfloor heating, tile heating or under carpet heating, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.