Underfloor Heating Installation Melbourne

Installation phases and DIY underfloor heating information

Speedheat underfloor heating installation consultants guarantee a professional and skilled installation of this high-quality heating system.

Our products are easy to install that you can do a DIY underfloor heating installation.

Phase 1. Preparation

Preparation The Speedheat installer prepares to install the floor heating by determining the place where the thermostat is to be fitted and makes arrangements for the operation of the heating and installs the floor.

Phase 2. Customized installation of the heater(s)

The professional installer fits the heater in the room. Speedheat guarantees you a perfect functioning floor heating system. With advanced control equipment the installer monitors the operation of the system. Only at the commissioning of the flooring does your electrician remove the control equipment.

Phase 3. Fitting and protecting

The installer fixes the heating to the floor and applies fibreglass mesh or polyester cloth. This can get covered with a self leveling screed to prevent damage or can sit directly in the glue. The fiberglass mesh and polyester fabric guarantee a shrinkage- and crack-free floor.

Phase 4. Final floor finish

Speedheat delivers a smooth solid floor. The tiler or other flooring specialist can immediately get down to the floor and fit the desired final floor finish.

Phase 5. Installing and programming the thermostat

After the flooring is complete, the electrician on site can disconnect the monitor and install the thermostat. ( Learn more about WiFi thermostats from Speedheat)

Please contact us for more information about underfloor heating installation or any DIY underfloor heating questions you may have.

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Underfloor Heating Installation Melbourne