We always get asked the question ….” Is it worth putting underfloor heating in the bedrooms?” When people think about underfloor heating, they automatically think it’s only installed underneath tiled floors and is expensive to run. False and false.Underfloor heating is most popular in tiled areas as people would like to heat their floors and their room. As a general rule, tiles are a cold floor surface and hence, people think about the comfort of warm tiles more so than heating a warmer floor surface such as carpet, or mats.

Underfloor heating is a gentle heat that has no noise, no dust, no fumes and just no fuss. Perfect for a bedroom. The great thing about underfloor heating underneath carpet or floor-heated mats is that it heats up even quicker than underneath tiles, you have nice warm and cozy floors, and you have a beautifully warm room without the fuss of noisy vents or toxic fumes.

Speedheat heating is zoned, and each room will have its own thermostat. This allows you to heat only the rooms you need when needed, rather than having to heat the whole house at once.

This makes heating for bedrooms very cost-effective and efficient. Since most people primarily use their bedrooms at night, adults would only need to set the heating for an hour or two before going to bed. This will ensure a nice warm room when getting ready for bed and possibly even while going to sleep.

The heating can then be switched off overnight and set to go on again about an hour before you awaken. That way one would wake to a nice warm room. The heating can then be switched off during the day. A further option would be to set the temperature to a minimum to ensure that the room does not drop below a certain temperature throughout the night.


Speedheat australia underfloor heating carpet
Awning window over the bed with a nice reading chair

If you have some tiny humans at home who require a nice and warm room all through the night, then our thermostats can be switched on to manual mode …all that is then required is a simple switch on before they go to bed and switch off when they wake up.

Once the room reaches the desired temperature it drops to a 30% duty cycle and will just maintain the temperature in the room thereafter rather than running full steam the whole night. The perfect solution to ensure that your little human doesn’t wake throughout the night due to a cold room.

If you use our easily programmable thermostats appropriately your heating will only run for a limited time each day making them extremely cost-effective.

Another great thing about heating underneath carpet and heating mats is that it can be retrofitted in a house with existing floors. This means one just has to pull the carpet back, install the heating and relay the carpet or mat. Generally, the power required will not be that great and could therefore be connected to an existing circuit within the room.

We have also introduced a great range of heated rug heaters. These have been extremely popular as they are absolutely perfect for those who have existing floors and require some additional heat.

They simply sit on top of a thin piece of underlay, on top of your existing floors and underneath your favourite rug. This range of heaters is not thermostatically controlled. You simply plug them in and switch them on. These can easily be rolled up and packed away and moved around as needed.

Underfloor heating in carpeted areas is becoming more and more popular since people have become aware that such a product exists. Feel free to send through some floorplans or measurements so we can provide you with an obligation free quote, itemized per room.

Any of our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss the best solution for you based on your wants and needs.

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