Mat Heaters

Portable underfloor heating is great for areas where you cannot lay heaters under your floor coverings

There are often times where you want heating in an area that you are working or doing leisure activities but your floors are already laid or you are somewhere you cannot change the floors.

Enter the Speedheat Footbuddy mat heater. The mat heater comes in various sizes and is a heater that is inside a carpet rug. It plugs into a normal 240volt power outlet so you can set them up where you want them. They can sit under a desk to provide you warmth instead of a noisy fan heater or you can put them in front of a couch or seat in a living area.

They are also great for Caravan’s, Camper trailers and cabins as they are low wattage and don’t draw a lot of power so are perfect for keeping warm while on the road.


Heated floor tiles are tiles that have heating installed under them that heats not only the floors but the room too. They are the perfect choice for bathrooms & kitchens as the heat comes up through the floor to make it nice and toasty!
All tiles can be heated with no clear winner as to the best type of tile for heated floors. Some tiles will take longer to heat up depending on the thickness and density of the tile. We suggest discussing your needs and requirements with one of our team members if you are unsure.
Yes – We can do heated floors under carpet. Our heating sits between the underlay and the carpet meaning warmth throughout the house with no risk or damage to the carpet.
Our installed prices start at $500.00 inc. GST. We have a huge range of heaters and sizes that will vary depending on your requirements. We suggest chatting to our staff on 03 9596 9385 about your project needs.
Heated tile floors are safe when installed correctly by professionals and connected by a qualified electrician to circuits that are protected by a safety switch. Under Australia law safety switches are a requirement as part of the install. If you need help to install heated tiles for your house or project please give us call and chat to our installation team who can complete the project from start to finish.
Underfloor heating tiles use thin wires which are placed on top of the waterproofing and below the tiles. Due to our ultra-thin wires, there is no alteration of floor heights, as our heaters sit in the adhesive that secures the tiles. Radiant heat is transferred directly into the tiles, warming the room. Because a large surface area is being warmed, and tiles are generally a good conductor of heat, under tile heating is one of the quickest ways to heat a room.
Installing heated tiles systems requires a qualified electrician to ensure it adheres to Australian law and is setup safely. We have a number of qualified electricians on hand who are experts in underfloor heated tile installations.
Heated tile floors are safe in the bathroom when protected by a safety switch (which is Australian law). One of our most popular sellers are heated floor tiles for the bathroom which adds warmth and luxury to any bathroom.
The cost of heated tiles depends on the size of the room. Speedheats’ install prices start at $500 and will increase based on the square meter area that needs to be covered.
Given the 1.5mm thickness of Speedheats’ unique offering, our underfloor heating systems warm up very quickly. As a result we would suggest only turning on the underfloor heating system as required to help save you even more money!

What We Offer


With Speedheat, your customized heating solution can be installed to suit your requirements. It only heats the areas you choose to heat.

Floor heating under natural stone

Radiant underfloor heating quickly turns natural stone flooring (such as marble and slate) from cold to comfortably warm.

Floor heating under timber floors

Speedheat can be used as a main or comfort heating source. For floating wooden floors we offer a tailored situation using a programmable thermostat with floor temperature limitation; eliminating the risk of floor damage.

Floor heating under laminate

For laminate flooring we offer a tailored situation using a programmable thermostat with floor temperature limitation; eliminating the risk of floor damage. This floor surface allows for a maximum temperature of 27 degrees, creating comfort through innovation.

Floor heating under cement finish

A poured cement floor gives your home a contemporary and modern design appearance. It is the perfect choice for a household with children, pets or those with respiratory problems.

Mirror heating

Speedheat mirror and bathroom heating is fully earthed. It uses less energy than a light bulb and is safe. In addition to custom sizes, a number of pre-built sizes of mirror demisters are available.

Heating applications

Creating a healthy environment and preventing airborne dust, Speedheat is a great choice for your cement flooring. Poured flooring suppliers are able to finish off the flooring neat and smooth due to the minimal thickness of our products.

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