Electric Underfloor Heating Melbourne

Speedheat electric underfloor heating is a great choice for your home. It is an innovative, durable and high-quality underfloor heating products

that improves comfort levels and suits your lifestyle.

Speedheat’s Melbourne customers love that our underfloor heating system can be controlled by the room. Heating has never been customized and tuned to your requirements before.

Why Underfloor Heating System?

Underfloor heating has been popular in northern Europe since the 1980s. Customers love how, quiet, healthy, efficient and easy to use it is compared to conventional heating.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Reduces Heat Loss

Underfloor heating relies on radiant heat which rises from the floor surfaces of your home, heating it from the ground up. Because your home is not being heated by moving air, there is less heat loss through cracks and gaps.

Complete Climate Control

Keep the whole family in complete comfort with climate-controlled zones. Floor heating systems allow you to control the temperature of each room in your house down to the degree. Simply adjust each room to suit.

Makes No Noise

With no fans or air blowing about your underfloor heating system operates so quietly you’ll forget it is even there.

Health Benefits

Conventional heating can stir up dust, mites and allergens. Not good for allergy, hayfever or asthma sufferers! An underfloor heating system is healthier for your family.

Energy Efficient

If heat is escaping, you are wasting energy! Keep the heat inside with an underfloor heating system and spend less on your power bill.

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Why Speedheat?

Speedheat Heats Up fast.

Our engineers developed an electric underfloor heating system that heats up very quickly. It gets your home up to the temperature you need it and keeps it there efficiently.

Speedheat Is Versatile

At only 1.5mm thick, Speedheat underfloor heating can be installed during the construction of a new home, or easily retrofitted to an existing floor

Clean, comfortable and cost-effective, find the right floor heating for your home at Speedheat. We provide customised underfloor heating for any room in your home.

Heated floors throughout your home

Electric underfloor heating is fast becoming one of the most popular heating methods throughout Australia, and we’re confident you’ll love our versatile floor heating systems.


Contact Speedheat today for underfloor heating Australia wide

Underfloor heating is far and away the most economical option for your home with up to 70% less energy consumption than regular heating setups. From bathroom underfloor heating to the kitchen, bedroom and lounge room, we’ll work closely with you to design and then install a tailored floor heating solution that suits your home. With Speedheat you’ll always have an optimal temperature as each room has its own programmable wifi thermostat.

To speak to one of our professional installers and find out more about our underfloor heating service, contact the team at Speedheat today.