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Our systems are powered by coils that are up to 1.5 mm thick.



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Why Choose Speedheat Underfloor Heating in Melbourne?

Speedheat is versatile; at only 1.5mm thick, it can be installed during the construction of a new home, or easily retrofitted to an existing floor a great choice for your home. It is an innovative, durable and high-quality Bathroom Underfloor Heating product that improves comfort levels and suits your lifestyle.

Speedheat’s customers love our underfloor heating system as each room can be individually controlled. The Underfloor Heating Melbourne market is highly specialised and we at Speedheat ensure that our customers settle for nothing but the best!

Our personalised heating solutions provide maximum comfort and minimum fuss. Clean, comfortable and cost-effective, find the right In Floor Heating for your home at Speedheat. We provide customised Underfloor Heating for kitchen, bathroom or any room in your home.


Why Electric Underfloor Heating System?

Reduces Heat Loss

Underfloor Heating relies on radiant heat which rises from the floor surfaces of your home. Because your home is not being heated by moving air, there is less heat loss through cracks and gaps.

Complete Climate Control

Keep the whole family in complete comfort with climate-controlled zones. Floor heating systems allow you to control the temperature of each room in your house down to the degree. Simply adjust each room to suit.

Makes No Noise

With no fans or air blowing about your underfloor heating system operates so quietly you’ll forget it is even there.

Health Benefits

Conventional heating can stir up dust, mites and allergens. Our electric underfloor heating systems eliminate the need for forced air circulation, reducing the spread of allergens and dust

Energy Efficient

If heat is escaping, you are wasting energy! Keep the heat inside with an underfloor heating system and spend less on your power bills.


Underfloor heating adapts to any space, whether it’s tile, carpet, or hardwood. Experience the flexibility and enjoy even warmth throughout your home, no matter the flooring type.

Underfloor Heating Systems

For the best choice of in-floor heating systems in your home, look no further than Speedheat.

Our entire Underfloor Heating System range is extremely durable and designed to use energy sparingly, creating lower energy consumption rates than old fashioned in-floor heating. Installed on top of your slab and below your floor covering, our underfloor heating Heat Mat has a minimal thickness.

Speedheat Heats Up fast.

Our engineers developed an electric underfloor heating system that heats up very quickly. It gets your home up to the temperature you need it and keeps it there efficiently.



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Reviews From Our Customers

Floor heating review 5

“Speedheat and in particular Tristan were great to deal with. Very professional , prompt, informative and very generous in my instance of correcting issues other trades had created. I highly recommend Tristan’s expertise in underfloor heating.”

Rosalind Phelan

Floor heating review 4

“The product in hassle free for installation, and is fantastic for when in operation.”

Illan- Managing director of GIA bathrooms & kitchens

Floor heating review 1

“Our experience with Speedheat was top class in every way. From first call to repeat service and phone response has been friendly, personal & 1st class both on the phone & face to face. We have had floor heating in our last two residences and can’t understand why it isn’t more widely used. The heat is gentle, easily controlled and most importantly cheaper than any alternative.
We would recommend Speedheat to everyone!”

Gordon S.

Floor heating review 2

“I used Speedheat for our under floor heating in our tiled area of the property and I absolutely loved dealing with them. Sally was very trustworthy and amazing to deal with, gave us all the right info and let us decide with peace of mind.”

Hamed Z.

Floor heating review 3

“We have worked with Speedheat for over 5 years. Working with them and especially Tammy is always a pleasure. From tender through to handover the team at Speedheat are professional, diligent and provide a great product and service.”

Dave – Omnicon Constructions

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